My wedding photography moments of 2015


As the year 2015  draws to the close its time to take a break and look back and feel grateful for all the beautiful weddings that I have been a part of  this year.

My job takes me to some of the most beautiful locations in Ireland and allows me to be creative in using our gorgeous landscape as a background to make photos that will be treasured for life.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all the lovely families who have welcomed me to join them on the most important of family events. It is all of you who make my job so enjoyable and allow me to continue doing a job that I love so much.

Here are just a few of the lovely wedding moments from 2015 and looking forward to more wedding fun in 2016!!




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And seeing them in print is even better! #weddingphotographyni #weddingphotographer DSC_9154DSC_9155DSC_9148DSC_9152

Colin and Siobhan wedding, Lusty Beg Island, Co.Fermanagh.

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Treasure your wedding photography-the wedding album.

When I used to use a film camera when i was young, printing was so much more important that it is now. I would have a roll of 24 photographs and I would be dying to see what I had captured and relive that moment.

Nowadays I think it is too easy to take photos, we take hundreds on our phones and digital cameras and most of them are left there never to see the light of day in physical form.

Our albums tell our family story, they are not just for the people who have printed them but for the generations that follow. To me the Wedding Album is one of the most important books that any family household can possess.


Following your wedding I can design your family keepsake for you and have it printed to the highest of quality in papers and covers to match your taste. This album cam be in your hands within 6 weeks of your wedding day for you to share with others and to relive all the moments.

Aoife & Aaron married in July this year and I couldn’t wait to get working on their album, I chose the mint leather cover to match her wedding colours and the style of her wedding.

This precious book will no doubt take pride of place in the newly-weds home!


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Autumn wear at House of Kidz.

I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful new Autumn arrivals at Omagh’s number one store for kiddies fashion, House of Kidz. Ironically our Summer weather was too bad for us to do the Autumn shoot outdoors so we used the warm studio instead!

A big thank you to all the kids involved who were great models on the day- we may see them on the catwalks of Milan some day!

The Omagh high street store is stockist for the popular ‘Name it’ brand for all your little trend-setters.

The store has a beautiful collection of warm Autumn colours for boys and girls of all ages. Take a look through some of the colourful images and look out for Joseph starring in his first fashion shoot!DSC_7177DSC_7170DSC_7189DSC_7140DSC_7124DSC_7131DSC_7183 DSC_7188  DSC_7191-2 DSC_7299 DSC_7310 DSC_7325-2 DSC_7326-2 DSC_7345 DSC_7351 DSC_7364 DSC_7377-2 DSC_7415 DSC_7428 DSC_7448 DSC_7470 DSC_7479 DSC_7488 DSC_7497 DSC_7507 DSC_7513 DSC_7524 DSC_7542 DSC_7558 DSC_7567 DSC_7202 DSC_7258 DSC_7274 DSC_7282

The perfect weekend @ Inchydoney Island Lodge and Spa

Some people live for the weekend. I don’t. Weekend’s are my busy time with weddings, events, studio bookings. Monday’s are usually my day of rest.

However I am sitting here reminiscing  after having what I would describe as the Perfect Weekend.

On Thursday evening I celebrated the end of  the first part of my Master’s in Fine Art Photography by opening our class exhibition in Belfast. I then got on the road early Friday morning as I started my journey towards West Cork.

After 5 hours travelling we arrived at our gorgeous destination, Inchydoney Island Lodge and Spa. The hotel is nestled perfectly between 2 beautiful strands, one more beautiful than the next.

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, this is it. Full of intentions to explore West Cork, the car did not move from when we pulled up until we left. It seemed a sin to move when we had it all on our doorstep. Sea, surf, spa, cuisine and complete relaxation.

If only all weekends could be like this.

Scroll down to see my images from this heavenly location…..



DSC_4084-2  DSC_4086-2 DSC_4088-2 DSC_4097-2 DSC_4102-2 DSC_4107-2 DSC_4111-2 DSC_4113-2 DSC_4115-2 DSC_4120-2 DSC_4138-2 DSC_4141-2 DSC_4159-2 DSC_4160-2 DSC_4176-2 DSC_4180-2 DSC_4182-2 DSC_4183-2 DSC_4186-2 DSC_4187-2 DSC_4189-2DSC_4190-2 DSC_4192-2 DSC_4195-2 DSC_4200-2 DSC_4202-2 DSC_4207-2 DSC_4229-2 DSC_4233-2 DSC_4235-2 DSC_4236-2 DSC_4238-2 DSC_4241-2 DSC_4243-2 DSC_4244-2 DSC_4245-2 DSC_4249-2 DSC_4251-2 DSC_4254-2

Baby Emily’s new born photo-shoot

katrina taggart photography-2

The Newborn photo shoot is the most precious as that stage is so fleeting and they change so much in the first few weeks.

Some tips for your newborn shoot

-Book in advance, if you let me know your due date I can pencil it in and as I understand that the dates aren’t always right, you can then contact me with your good news and I can set the date for your photo-shoot.

-It is best to have this shoot done in the first 10 days after birth to properly capture their newborn features.

-I do the newborn shoots either in the studio or in your own home. It’s a personal choice depending on which your prefer yourselves. The studio has space to move and to use props and also gives a clean background whereas your own home can add a personal touch to your photos. (but please ensure you have good light!).

-I prefer to use nice plain blankets and settings, however I am open to ideas and will happily set up a more creative background if you prefer. I have lots of baby props, blankets, bunting ect. to make your pictures more individual.

-I would encourage parents to be included in the photographs. I hear parent’s who make excuses that they are camera-shy or need they need to loose a few pounds or get their hair done.

I can guarantee that no matter how you feel about your looks now, in 30 years time your child will be grateful that you are in the photos!


My newborn package starts at 190.00 and gift vouchers are available.

To book your call me on 07872538806 or email

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