Behind every happy bride, is a great team of super Bridesmaids.


They will get you dressed, wipe your tears, fix your lippy, keep you calm, laugh with you, cry with you and no bride should be without a good bridesmaid!

Being a bridesmaid requires more than simply floating down the aisle in a pick taffeta dress and looking beautiful. You are the wing-man, second-in- command, the one the bride will turn to for help and advice.

You are  the one who will share the build up of excitement, the giggles and the joy of your friend’s biggest day.

From my experience an efficient team of bridesmaids can totally bring the day to another level. If the bridesmaid do their duties right it allows the bride to relax and enjoy each moment with worrying about the find details.


The real duties of a Bridesmaid.


1.Stress-reliever. Must have a bottle of Rescue Remedy on hand at all times and sort potential issues out before the Bride finds out!

2.Event-organisor. You will pull together a party that will be memorable and most importantly suit the bride’s personality.

3.Personal shopper. Be there to give a second opinion when she choose’s the most important outfit of there lifetime.

4. Helper. On the morning of the wedding put the bride’s needs first, she will probably need hep with her gown and accessories so make sure she’s perfect!

5.Veil-fixer. So when the bride is kneeling at the altar and hr veil goes a bit lop-sided all eyes will turn to you to fix it.

6. Lip-stick re-applier. No bridesmaid is complete without a secret stash of lippy.  whether it’s hidden in your bouquet or your underwear, the lipstick is a must-have for every bridesmaid.

7. Bathroom assistant. From experience wedding gowns are not the easiest items to navigate so during the day be on duty to help the bride in all her moments of need.

8.Hair-stylist. A good bridesmaid will keep watch-out on the hair situation, be there to fix any stray hairs or clip it back if needed.

9.Re-assurer. Your friend may be under a lot of stress during the day so she would appreciate the occasional nod and smile to reassure her that her day is exactly as she had planned.

10.Dance partner! There is nothing worse than a dull bridal party sitting around at the reception, help liven the party and dance with the bride.

The Bridemaids’ dress.

There are many different choices when it comes to Bridesmaids’ dresses and it may seem daunting to find the colour, style, shape texture to suit everyone and to blend in with the wedding.

Seek some inspirations from some of my gorgeous bridesmaids from the past few years in the gallery below and guess which ones have lipstick stuck inside their bouquets!!





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