The Romance Stories of 2014

As 2014 draws nears an end, its time for me to pause and look back at my archive from the year.

Running my own business means that I feel like I am literally ‘running’ from pillar to post, keeping things ticking over with little time to stop and reflect.

So thats why the images in this archive may feel as new to me as they do to you. In every wedding day there are so many fleeting, special little moments that become even more important when captured in a photograph.

These little moments may be the little pageboys making their own entertainment as they wait for the bride, a proud dad fixing his son’s suit, a giggle between bridesmaids, a bride and groom hand in hand at the altar below a majestic stained glass window or the mayhem in the kitchen as the family gets ready to leave for the service.

These may be the little moments but to me they are the most important. These are the moments that are not rehearsed , not planned and these are the moments that make each wedding personal unique.

These are also the moments that a bride and groom may miss as they too are ‘running’ from pillar to post making sure their days goes to plan.Often a bride and groom will be surprised when they see their gallery and they see things that they missed on their own wedding day.

I want to say a big thank you to all the newlyweds of 2014 who trusted me to capture the little and the big moments of their big day, Ive loved each moment as much as you.

And I look forward to the moments that 2015 will bring!

katrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographer

katrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerkatrina taggart photography ireland irish wedding portrait studio travel art photographerDSC_0403


Make the most of your photo-session.

Digital photography is totally amazing, it still overwhelms me how photographic technology is developing at such a fast rate. Even our camera phones have great quality today and in most homes have replaced the family camera.

I began as many using a film camera and I can still remember how excited I would be waiting to see my photos, however I would have to wait until my 36 film roll was finished (we weren’t as trigger  happy in film days) then I would leave in it the chemist where it would be collected to be developed. The much anticipated images usually took one week to be developed.

Roll on 15 years later, I can now see my images on the back of the camera the minute they are taken and even wi-fi them to my computer to view instantly. I can then simply click to print and Voilà jobs done!

Despite how much easier it is today to work with our photos, we are printing less. Most of my personal photographs from the past few years remain in folders on my computer, just like most people I know. We store hundreds in our phone, computers, hard-drives until we get to the stage we don’t know where to start!

When I used film cameras when I was younger, I used to love making family albums, collages, and frames for my room. As digital photography took over, I admit that I didn’t do as much photo creations as I used to.

Working as a photographer now, I see so much value in making these photo creations for people to showcase in their home. I love taking these small digital files and creating art pieces that a family can hang in pride of place in their home. During the design process I can give ideas and advice on the best way to display  your images. There are so many different ways of displaying your photos that it can be overwhelming . It can be more beneficial to let an expert guide you to find the perfect product display for you and your family.

Below are some photo display ideas to inspire!



The starting of the design process, editing your photos on the computer.




The box frame is a contemporary ‘frameless frame’ which will make a statement on any wall.






The canvas frame gives a long-lasting way to display a special image, with added texture.





The classic single image frame, choose a mount and a frame to make the image really stand out.






Or choose a few of your favourite mounted individually and framed together in my ‘Clarity Frame’.




And for those who find it hard to pick just one favourite image, put them all into a storybook to keep on your coffee table!





Which thanks to digital technology are a lot more attractive than my old school stick-in photo albums!










We Love Mums.



‘Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever’. author unknown.

I am blessed with a job in which I get to watch and capture the bonds which exist between mothers and their children.  Being a mother does not require any special qualification, degrees, you don’t need to show that you have any experience, yet it is the most important job that you could possibly take on.Important and rewarding. It will require sleepless nights, endless worry, patience, selflessness and a lot more but there is nothing that a mother would not do for a child.

All mother and children relationships are totally unique, each has it’s own very important story. Above is a daughter holding the hand of her 99 year old mother in a small village in Indonesia. Their roles may have changed throughout the years but the bond has remained  the same. The daughter was guiding her elderly mother across the road, something her mother would have done for her many times before. When I talked with them there was no doubt of the admiration the daughter still held for her elderly mother.

In the past year I have been visited by new mothers besotted by their little bundles, mothers running around after their giddy toddlers and mothers with teenage children. None of these photo sessions are ever the same, every family has it’s own individual story.

Mother’s Day is a  day for each of us to celebrate these special bonds that exist, or reflect on those who are not here with us but will forever hold the special place in our hearts.

Thank you to all the mums who trust me to let me capture their special professional studio and wedding photographerDSC_0732-2-2DSC_0691-1DSC_0609DSC_1189DSC_1275DSC_2617DSC_5766DSC_3020DSC_8166-2DSC_5963-1DSC_6395-2DSC_6132-2DSC_7352DSC_9521-1DSC_9542-1-2DSC_6337DSC_4132DSC_2011-2DSC_2626-1DSC_8630-1



The Kerlin Family

At home with the Kerlin family!

Welcome Baby Conor

Little Conor arrived before Christmas and here’s his first shoot with his big brothers Oisin and Daragh and big sister  Alanah. For such a newborn he did some great smiling for the camera!

Baby Layla’s newborn photoshoot

Beautiful Layla’s first photoshoot was a special present from her extra proud god-mummy Catherine. It make’s such a difference when I am able to get the photos done in the first two weeks, it’s amazing how much they change in that time. The real ‘newborn’ look starts to change after the first two weeks.

Layla was a dream to work with and she didn’t cry once during the session- a real pro in front of the lens! Layla is lucky to have a  protective tractor-loving big brother who is also a big bit phono-genic! Together they make a totally gorgeous loving family.