Deb Rouse Schwedhelm Workshop, Bali

Underwater Photography with Deb Rouse Schwedhelm

I don’t know how I first discovered Deb’s work, but thanks to some online serendipity I found this amazing artist a few months back and have been a fan ever since.

In an online community that is completely saturated with images, Deb’s art stood out to me for it’s honesty, depth and meaning. I am also a big water fan so that heightened my appeal to her work.

I noticed her post about doing a workshop in Bali and once I read it I thought it just seemed soooo perfect but somehow didn’t think I could do it. So I found myself reading it over and over, many times a day and dreaming about it, still not thinking that it was possible. I tortured myself over it for a long time until I finally decided I would ‘feel the fear’ and just book it!

I can’t even explain how valuable this course has been to me and is to me, as part of my photographic journey. It was everything I had hoped for AND so much more! Deb is the kindest, most generous, modest  soul and is a fountain of knowledge for any budding photographer. She is testament of how hard work, commitment and focus is essential to produce work to be proud of.

On top of everything I learned from Deb, I also had the added bonus of sharing the workshop with the BEST group of girls EVER! I couldn’t have imagined that we would have bonded so much in just 5 days but I now feel like I have the loveliest network of photographer friends from all parts of the world! Deb provided us with a safe place for us all to open up about our hopes, dreams, fears and aspirations in our photography journey.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Deb for your inspiration, your generosity, your knowledge and for bringing me to Bali!xxxxxx



Below are just a few of the water images taken in the beautiful land of Bali during the workshop.

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