Engagement shoots

Your engagement photo-shoot (or if close to wedding I may call pre-wedding) is such a great way for you and your partner to get some practice in front of the camera before the wedding day.

The majority of couples I have worked with would tell me that they are not very comfortable in front of the camera and some people can be nervous at the thought of being in front of a camera all day. However, I will do everything that I can to make you feel at ease with getting your photographs taken.

Tips to get the most from your pre-wedding/ engagement photo shoot-

1.Pick somewhere special to the both of you. On your wedding day you will be making brand new memories in a new place and will have your wedding photographs to capture that. However the pre-wedding shoot is a good excuse to visit somewhere special to both of you, many a walk that you like to do, it may be the spot where you’s had the proposal, or somewhere close to home.

2.Dress comfortable. I like to have plenty of movement if possible in my shoots (nothing too strenuous but even walking is good). The best shoots have always been when the couples have been able to move around without worrying about heels getting bogged into grass or not being able to climb. Make sure you can move!

3.Do try out any poses that you have seen and don’t be afraid to pose. These photographs are a great way for you to see how you’s look together in photographs and what works best, and if they don’t work thats ok too-better to know that before the wedding photographs.

4.Laugh!  I will say this on your wedding day also, but honestly the best photographs are always when you are totally at ease and especially when there is fun and laughter. People always look their best when they are mid-laugh and the beauty shines through!

5.Pick the best time of the day to get the best results. If possible be flexible to schedule our session at a time when I know that the light will be at its best, depending on the time of year not may be early inboxed the morning or later in the evening-trust me the results will be worth it to get the right light (and its all about the light!).





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