Gorgeous Mia

Mia’s shoot was a present for extra proud mummy and daddy, Jill and Barry. We got her into the studio just before Christmas so we got some cute seasonal ones for her to treasure as well.She was a pure pleasure to work with and she took very well to the camera! She also had some beautiful outfit changes!

A lot of people ask me whether they should have their shoot done in the studio or on location. I have to say it is a personal choice and each have their advantages, the advantages of the studio being that the shoot will get done a lot quicker as the lights are already set up and ready. It is also important to think which background you like, the studio will give a nice clean background, to give an image which you can display in any room.

If you are interested in a family or child studio session or want to know more about them you can email me katrinataggartphotography@yahoo.co.uk  or call me on 07872538806.


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