We Love Mums.



‘Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever’. author unknown.

I am blessed with a job in which I get to watch and capture the bonds which exist between mothers and their children.  Being a mother does not require any special qualification, degrees, you don’t need to show that you have any experience, yet it is the most important job that you could possibly take on.Important and rewarding. It will require sleepless nights, endless worry, patience, selflessness and a lot more but there is nothing that a mother would not do for a child.

All mother and children relationships are totally unique, each has it’s own very important story. Above is a daughter holding the hand of her 99 year old mother in a small village in Indonesia. Their roles may have changed throughout the years but the bond has remained  the same. The daughter was guiding her elderly mother across the road, something her mother would have done for her many times before. When I talked with them there was no doubt of the admiration the daughter still held for her elderly mother.

In the past year I have been visited by new mothers besotted by their little bundles, mothers running around after their giddy toddlers and mothers with teenage children. None of these photo sessions are ever the same, every family has it’s own individual story.

Mother’s Day is a  day for each of us to celebrate these special bonds that exist, or reflect on those who are not here with us but will forever hold the special place in our hearts.

Thank you to all the mums who trust me to let me capture their special story.xxx



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