Newborns, ‘Tiny Moments’

Newborn photography sessions are one of my favourites. To be honoured to capture such a sweet, fleeting stage of one’s life is truly amazing.

These sessions are for babies under 14 days old. I prefer to come to the home for the photography session but they can also be done in the studio.

There is no time limit on a session and I have a ‘go with the flow’ format for this, giving time for feeds, sleep or cuddles!


When to book.

I can take an estimated date of a new arrival and understand that it can be subject to change! The exact booking and details can be confirmed after the birth.


Preparing for your newborn session.

Experience has taught me that morning time is often best for a newborn shoot, after their first morning feed they are usually most settled. The baby is best dressed in a plain one piece or even in their birthday suit wrapped in a blanket, to capture the moment.