The perfect weekend @ Inchydoney Island Lodge and Spa

Some people live for the weekend. I don’t. Weekend’s are my busy time with weddings, events, studio bookings. Monday’s are usually my day of rest.

However I am sitting here reminiscing  after having what I would describe as the Perfect Weekend.

On Thursday evening I celebrated the end of  the first part of my Master’s in Fine Art Photography by opening our class exhibition in Belfast. I then got on the road early Friday morning as I started my journey towards West Cork.

After 5 hours travelling we arrived at our gorgeous destination, Inchydoney Island Lodge and Spa. The hotel is nestled perfectly between 2 beautiful strands, one more beautiful than the next.

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, this is it. Full of intentions to explore West Cork, the car did not move from when we pulled up until we left. It seemed a sin to move when we had it all on our doorstep. Sea, surf, spa, cuisine and complete relaxation.

If only all weekends could be like this.

Scroll down to see my images from this heavenly location…..



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