Catherine & Blake 5/sep/16 @The Village at Lyons

I apologise in advance for the many images in this blog, but i really couldn’t leave any of them out!

The Village of Lyons outside Dublin perfectly suited the relaxed, rustic, September wedding of Catherine and Blake. From the break of dawn their wedding day was filled with a beautiful crisp Autumn sunshine.

As Catherine comes from Omagh and Blake from Newcastle, they chose Dublin as their base for friends and family to gather and join them on their wedding day. Catherine prepared for her wedding day in the beautiful Dovetail cottage and arrived at the church in a retro red vintage car.

The exchanged vows in a quaint little chapel outside Maynooth while the September sunshine radiated through the church windows. Following the ceremony Blake got in the driving seat and took Catherine to their wedding party in the open-top vintage car!

The guests were treated to miniature bottle of home-made gin made especially by the mother of the groom as their table favours and Catherine decorated a table with special memories of her late mother and father.

Following the meal, the party was kicked of in style as the room was filled with confetti during their first dance before the ceili kicked off!

The entire day was a feast for the eyes, i will let the images speak for themselves!


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Baby Emily’s new born photo-shoot

katrina taggart photography-2

The Newborn photo shoot is the most precious as that stage is so fleeting and they change so much in the first few weeks.

Some tips for your newborn shoot

-Book in advance, if you let me know your due date I can pencil it in and as I understand that the dates aren’t always right, you can then contact me with your good news and I can set the date for your photo-shoot.

-It is best to have this shoot done in the first 10 days after birth to properly capture their newborn features.

-I do the newborn shoots either in the studio or in your own home. It’s a personal choice depending on which your prefer yourselves. The studio has space to move and to use props and also gives a clean background whereas your own home can add a personal touch to your photos. (but please ensure you have good light!).

-I prefer to use nice plain blankets and settings, however I am open to ideas and will happily set up a more creative background if you prefer. I have lots of baby props, blankets, bunting ect. to make your pictures more individual.

-I would encourage parents to be included in the photographs. I hear parent’s who make excuses that they are camera-shy or need they need to loose a few pounds or get their hair done.

I can guarantee that no matter how you feel about your looks now, in 30 years time your child will be grateful that you are in the photos!


My newborn package starts at 190.00 and gift vouchers are available.

To book your call me on 07872538806 or email

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Wedding Fashion Shoot

It’s very important as a photographer to keep learning and training which is why I enjoyed a great day shooting  a wedding fashion shoot recently with Scottish photographer, Gordan McGowan.

It’s great to learn from someone with so much experience and to get the opportunity to see how they work. It also helped to have great models and the beautiful location of the Dunadry Hotel in Antrim.

Your wedding photographs should not take up your entire day, a wedding day goes fast enough without having to spend the whole day posing. That’s why it’s important as a photographer to have a plan and know exactly what you would like to do with the couple, where to place them and how to pose them- and there will always be a few spontaneous ones as well!