Mary Rose & Darragh’s wedding, Kee’s Hotel, Donegal.

On a beautiful April day, Mary-Rose married her sweetheart Darragh in the church beside where the couple have made their own little nest in Loughmacrory. The proud parents of 3 gorgeous kids, the couple centred their wedding day around them and each of the 3 kids played an important part in the wedding day.

In the run up to the wedding their was not an idle moment in the McCullagh household as Mary-Rose hand crafted all the wedding invitations and decorations to personalised their vintage theme.

I wish them both a lifetime of happiness and joy (and maybe a few more kids!-they definitely have the talent for it))x

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Wedding Fashion Shoot

It’s very important as a photographer to keep learning and training which is why I enjoyed a great day shooting  a wedding fashion shoot recently with Scottish photographer, Gordan McGowan.

It’s great to learn from someone with so much experience and to get the opportunity to see how they work. It also helped to have great models and the beautiful location of the Dunadry Hotel in Antrim.

Your wedding photographs should not take up your entire day, a wedding day goes fast enough without having to spend the whole day posing. That’s why it’s important as a photographer to have a plan and know exactly what you would like to do with the couple, where to place them and how to pose them- and there will always be a few spontaneous ones as well!