Catherine & Blake 5/sep/16 @The Village at Lyons

I apologise in advance for the many images in this blog, but i really couldn’t leave any of them out!

The Village of Lyons outside Dublin perfectly suited the relaxed, rustic, September wedding of Catherine and Blake. From the break of dawn their wedding day was filled with a beautiful crisp Autumn sunshine.

As Catherine comes from Omagh and Blake from Newcastle, they chose Dublin as their base for friends and family to gather and join them on their wedding day. Catherine prepared for her wedding day in the beautiful Dovetail cottage and arrived at the church in a retro red vintage car.

The exchanged vows in a quaint little chapel outside Maynooth while the September sunshine radiated through the church windows. Following the ceremony Blake got in the driving seat and took Catherine to their wedding party in the open-top vintage car!

The guests were treated to miniature bottle of home-made gin made especially by the mother of the groom as their table favours and Catherine decorated a table with special memories of her late mother and father.

Following the meal, the party was kicked of in style as the room was filled with confetti during their first dance before the ceili kicked off!

The entire day was a feast for the eyes, i will let the images speak for themselves!


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Treasure your wedding photography-the wedding album.

When I used to use a film camera when i was young, printing was so much more important that it is now. I would have a roll of 24 photographs and I would be dying to see what I had captured and relive that moment.

Nowadays I think it is too easy to take photos, we take hundreds on our phones and digital cameras and most of them are left there never to see the light of day in physical form.

Our albums tell our family story, they are not just for the people who have printed them but for the generations that follow. To me the Wedding Album is one of the most important books that any family household can possess.


Following your wedding I can design your family keepsake for you and have it printed to the highest of quality in papers and covers to match your taste. This album cam be in your hands within 6 weeks of your wedding day for you to share with others and to relive all the moments.

Aoife & Aaron married in July this year and I couldn’t wait to get working on their album, I chose the mint leather cover to match her wedding colours and the style of her wedding.

This precious book will no doubt take pride of place in the newly-weds home!


DSC_9165DSC_9143DSC_9148 DSC_9149 DSC_9152 DSC_9153 DSC_9154 DSC_9155 DSC_9158 DSC_9159  DSC_9168

Personalised wedding albums to suit you.

Each and every couple I meet are totally unique and individual.  You will have a unique personality, character, style and manner than the next couple. This should be represented in your Wedding album, your album should be in your own personal style and character.

Before your Wedding you may look at many Wedding album samples of other weddings but I also advise my couples to keep in mind that their wedding photography and album will be unique to anyone else’s. My Wedding album supplier’s spoil me with choice when it comes to Wedding albums and there are a wide range of colours, textures, materials, papers and more when designing a Wedding album.

I aim to guide my client’s during the design process to help create an album that is totally their own style and personality and different from anyone else’s.

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